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  • Each ml contains
  • Antimony potassium Tartrate - USP - 20mg
  • Methyl Paraben - IP - 0.2%w/v (As preservative)
  • Propyl Paraben - IP - 0.02%w/v - (As preservative)
  • Water for injections - IP - q.s.



  • Each ml contains
  • Antimony sodium Tartrate - USP - 60mg


Schistosomiasis, Trypanaosomiasis, Leishmaniasis, Microfilarasis.

Administration and Dosage:

  • Cattle: By slow intravenous injections only Animal weighing 300kg body weight
  • 30 to 60ml per day for 3-5 days depending on the severity of the infection. The dosage can be repeated after an interval of one to two months.

Usage of drug must be under the supervision of veterinarian only

Precaution: Care should be taken that the solution will not escape into surrounding tissue to avoid necrosis and other fatal reactions.

Termin Plus Cream:


  • Each ml contains
  • Gamma Benzene Hexachloride - IP - 0.1%w/w
  • Proflavine Hemisulphate IP - 0.1%w/w
  • Strong Cetrimide - BP
  • Equivalent to Cetrimide - 0.45%w/v


Potent Antiseptic action most effective economical dressing for all types of wounds prevention & treatment of larval infestation in myiasis in domestic animals. Very effective against the secondary bacterial invaders introduced into the tissues by migration. Specially useful for canine follicular manage

Mode of Application:

Remove maggots, clean the wounds and apply cream liberally until fully healed

For general antiseptic and follicular manage daily application on the wound until fully healed.

Diminat Injection


  • Each ml contains :
  • Diminazene Aceturate - 70mg
  • Phenazone - BP - 375mg
  • Methyl Paraben - IP - 0.2%w/v(As preservative)
  • Propyl Paraben - IP - 0.02%w/v(As Preservative)
  • Water for injections - IP


Treatment of “Tryphanosomias” caused by Trypanosome spp., and babesiosis caused by B.Bovis, B.BigeminiaB.canis and also in “Theileriaanulata” infections. Prophylactic treatment of in-contact animals to prevent out breaks. Protection of newly purchased cattle from markets.

Dosage and Administration:

Cattle: 5ml per 100kg B.wt

Sheep: 1 to 1.5ml per animals by deep intramuscular route, preferably on the lateral side of neck.

Special Note :

Diminat is contraindicated in camel


  • 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 90ml vials.



  • Each ml contains :
  • Lithium Antimony Thiomalate - IP - 60mg
  • Chlorocresol - IP - 0.1%w/v(As Preservative)
  • Water for injections - IP - q.s


Nasal granuloma (Schistosomiasis) Filariasis and Leishmaniasis, Pappilomatas (warts) and other fibrous growth of non specificaetiology and in visceral schistosomiasis caused by S.spindalis and S.indicum

Dosage and Administration:

Nasal granuloma 20ml deep IM (2 to 3 injections) (1 injections per week) and in visceral schistosomiasis


15ml-deep IM (every 48 hrs) 6 injections totally. Gluteal muscles are the most preferable site for injection.


  • 50ml glass vials

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