VETINDIA   PHARMACEUTICALS  was  established   in  the  year 1992 by Dr. M. Sambasiva Rao M.V.Sc., S/o. M. Hanumanth Rao. 

Dr. M. Sambasiva Rao, was employed as  Veterinarian with the Department of Animal Husbandry and discontinued the same with the sole objective of providing quality  veterinary formulations that are exclusively for live stocks. 

INDIAN Economy mostly depends on agriculture.  The agriculture practice in India is done by farmers  who mostly depend on live stock for their Milk, Agriculture, Transportation etc.  The high cost of treatment lack of  Quality medicine and difficulty in gaining access to these medical facilities is hindering the wealth that is contributed by live stock.

Viewing all these difficulties, Dr. M. Sambasiva Rao felt the need of quality formulation & better service to the farmer community. This has given its shape in the form of M/s.VETINDIA PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED, a company engaged in Manufacturing, Marketing of various Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Formulations under one roof for the Treatment / Prevention / Recovery / Increase production of live stock Wealth in India.

The entrepreneur parent's does not have any separate own manufacturing / trading unit.

Vetindia has a state of art technology in Aseptic processing, Automation & control, CGMPs and Compliance, Contract Manufacturing, Drug Delivery, Facilities and support, Fill and Finish, Industry Developments, Packaging,  Process Operations, Quality Assurance & Control and Unit operations.  Vetindia unit's facilities are maintaining high quality standards in small scales and middle industries sectors. 

Vetindia Pharmaceuticals Limited is a in-house manufacturing and supply organisation.
We provide Veterinary Pharmaceutical Formulations with a secure supply of quality Veterinary pharmaceutical products including Antibiotics, Anti Baterials, Anthelmintics, I.V. Fluids (for Veterinary) and Vitamins & Minerals and Feed Supplement

We have more than 20 years' experience as a long-term manufacturing experience providing customers with:
"    Dedicated, state of the art facilities
"    High volume manufacture of Parenterals, Oral Suspensions  / Liquids, Tablets / Bolus, Powders, Ointments.
"    New product introduction support
"    Regulatory support for filing
"    Project management of source change
We offer our customers:
"    The capability to manufacture Parenterals, Oral Suspensions  / Liquids, Tablets / Bolus, Powders, Ointments in dedicated, state of the art facilities designed for high volume high quality manufacture.
"    We can provide flexible support to meet our customers' needs
"    Resources to support new product introduction, including stability testing, filing and other regulatory documentation
We are proud of our reputation, and we never compromise the standards that support our reputation.
Vetindia Pharmaceuticals Limited has specialized developed machineries to manufacturing Injection Oxytetracycline which is the most important product for the animal health.  The said products is also manufactured by some of the multinational companies.

Constant temperature varying from 5oc to 7oC is maintained in the entire process with purest Nitrogen to form perfect complex which is stable for 36 months without any colour deviation.  Bioavailability is more, Product is stable under field conditions (temperature, humidity etc.)  Very well accepted by all the field veterinarians for domestic and export.
Our capabilities assure to receive a proven, successful, and world-class contract manufacturing experience for Parenterals, Oral Suspensions  / Liquids, Tablets / Bolus, Powders, Ointments.
Vetindia Pharmaceuticals Limited is always dedicated to manufacture quality veterinary medicines from time to time without any compromise.   Vetindia has  a history of stringent compliance and outstanding quality, G.M.P. and NAFDAC inspected and approved facilities, Expertise in  Antibiotics, Anti Baterials, Anthelmintics, I.V. Fluuids (for Veteirnary), Vitamins & Minerals and Feed Supplement, Strength and vibrancy in advanced Veterinary Pharmaceutical Formulations.

Vetindia represents a steadfast dedication to Veterinary Pharmaceutical excellence and is ready to meet the change in Business Environment.

We always implement and follow up the below points for achieve the sales and targets.

The Vetindia Pharmaceuticals Limited is one of the fast growing company in the Animal Health sectors of the Indian Economy and today Vetindia  has made rapid steps in the complex field of Drug Manufacturing & Technology.